Katelyn Walters Professional Bio

FullSizeRenderKatelyn chose her field of interest after years of studying subjects in psychology, justice, entertainment, music, and journalism. Katelyn has always been interested in communicating information and knowledge with others, and found that she is fascinated by the different ways in which stories and information is communicated to audiences, whether large or small.

Throughout her university career, Katelyn has written an interview for Voices Choral, a choral group on Bribie Island (Voices Choral, 2015). This interview resulted in an article published on her local web news provider, Our Bribie (2015). She has also worked on a project to create a hypothetical event in the Brisbane region. Through this project she learned the importance of creating work to deadlines, and the skill of collaborating via long distances.

Katelyn values respect, intelligence, independence, integrity, and ambition. She believes that by having these values, or striving to have these values, can help one achieve whatever they put their mind to.

Katelyn aims to treat everyone with respect, and aims to achieve respect from others in turn. Professional communication without respect

Katelyn can understand theoretical concepts and can learn via demonstration, however she learns best through hands on experience. At work, she strives to learn as much as she can, and will often ask her employers how they achieve a task so she may build the skills to complete the task on her own. This has proven useful when her line managers have taken annual or sick leave and she has stepped up to their roles for the duration of their leave.

Katelyn has worked in her job for over five years, and has always been driven to learn as many position within the company as possible in order to make herself an invaluable member of the team. She endeavours to always act with integrity, and always acts according to her moral code. If she knows that the correct procedures are not being followed, she will try to rectify the matter herself, or escalate if need be.

Katelyn has ambitions to travel in order to gain more knowledge about the world, and to see the differences between each country, in both a personal and professional capacity. On an individual level, she is eager to learn how interpersonal communication varies between people from different cultural backgrounds, and on a professional level she is interested in the way that media within different countries and cultures varies, and how this media communicates different messages to these groups.

Katelyn is skilled at problem solving and often picks apart projects and ideas as they are being formed in order to manage problems before they arise. She practices playing devils advocate in order to generate the best outcome possible.

Katelyn Walters is currently studying a Bachelor in Mass Communication majoring in Public Relations and Media and Communication, minoring in History at Queensland University of Technology.


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Our Bribie. (2015). Bribie’s Voices Choral group commemorates ANZAC centenary with original musical tale. Retrieved from https://ourbribie.com/entertainment/bribies- voices-choral-group-commemorates-anzac-centenary-original-musical-tale/


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